img_1I’m almost scared to let you know about this new amazing site for fear that your face might be melted off! Oh, yes, now you know, my good friend Brad Cochran has been working hard over the past several months putting together a new site, URBANGLORY. All jokes aside, it looks amazing and has a pretty interesting and inspiring VISION. I’ll let Brad tell you about it: 

Maybe it’s because we’re so humble. . . heeding the advice of Solomon to let another man praise us and not our own lips. Or perhaps its because we’re so consumed with our own callings that we’re oblivious, except for our general faith that God is at work, to the massive, intricate, and exciting story that God is weaving on a daily basis with our work and the work of brothers and sisters we have never met. Regardless of the reason, the fact is simple – the Church isn’t all that good at telling its story. By “story” I don’t mean the elements of the Gospel that we are so committed to preach, but the vastly bigger picture of that Gospel working revolutionary change in people and communities all over the globe. We hear testimonies of individuals often in our local congregations when a dramatic conversion occurs or when a missionary comes home to visit, but there exists no entity with the vantage point to compile the stories of individual leaders and local bodies in the cities of men into the expansive landscape that is the daily growing city of God – until now. U R B A N G L O R Y was create to expose the expansion of the Kingdom in cities all over the world by broadcasting the stories of prominent and every day church leaders, innovative ministries, influential scholars, and revolutionary professionals. We are all threads in the incredible tapestry that God is weaving to spread his Glory to the nations.

You’ve heard from one of the founders, now go check it. But remember to put on yo sun screen people!