Spirit fingers anyone? You may know him as a fearless defender of the truth of the gospel. You may honor him as a great pastor and voice for world missions. You may have read all his books or even quote him in every sermon. You may get angry when people speak an ill word against him. You might even burn incense to him and offer sacrifices in his honor in the darkness of your bedroom (JK!), but would you do all this if you knew he played with dolls? Yes, it’s true all you lovers of John Piper, he plays with dolls!

I play dolls with her, I build houses with her!

This may be shocking news to many of you, as it was me, but I must be fair and give you the rest of the quote:

We have kings that get blown up…there’s a lot of blowing up as I play house…this little table because a helicopter (helicopter noise).” 

Now, here is a picture of redemption or at least of what happens when men play house, stuff gets blown up. This response was given during a Q&A after a message John Piper gave on “You Will be Eaten by Cannibals! Lessons from the Life of John G. Paton.” Piper might play with dolls, but he is fearless in proclaiming the radical urgency of world missions. I would encourage you to listen to this message and consider what the Lord world have you to do for the cause of world missions.