The Gaucho’s of the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil have a rich heritage of herding cattle across the stunning southern Brazilian contryside. They were known to be strong and individualistic. The modern urban gauchos of Porto Alegre are extremely proud of thier gaucho cultural heritage. However, their pride builds a wall against outside attempts of the gospel entering into their culture.

Coming from a small town in West Virginia, this is very familiar to me. The gospel can be seen as something outside of the culture and foreign. People from these small country areas or as in the case of the urban gauchos of Porto Alegre fear the gospel will change thier culture. However, the gospel was not meant to change their culture, but to redeem those in the gaucho culture from their sins, which are ultimately leading them to their own destruction. Please join me in watching the following video and praying for Team Gaucho and Porto Alegre. Please pray that the stronghold of pride will be broken in the lives of those who would rather take pride in their culture, than to boast in the cross!