September 2008

This is the last and final post for the month of prayer for the urban gauchos of Porto Alegre. So, for this post I wanted you all to hear from the Jeff Dunson, Strategy Coordinator for Porto Alegre. Concerning the month of prayer and the witchcraft, which binds the people’s minds and heart’s, Jeff says, 

“September is beginning to draw to a close, and with it, the major push for the Month of Prayer for the Gaúcho People of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. If you have not yet received a copy of the videos and the accompanying bulletin inserts, you can request the DVD by contacting us , view them online or download them. The final video on Witchcraft is available on GodTube and also on YouTube .

Our prayer emphasis this week will be on the stronghold of Witchcraft. We would encourage you to watch the videos with your church or small group and to devote time during this week asking God to free the hearts and minds of the Gaúchos from the deception of voodoo-like African witchcraft which bind the Gaúchos in incredible darkness.

Cam, Blake, and Parker made it back to Porto Alegre yesterday – it’s nice to have the whole family back together! Parker got a good report from the doctor and will be continuing with follow-up with eye doctors here in Porto Alegre.

Even though the Month of Prayer officially ends after this week, we still need your prayers throughout the year – please don’t stop praying!” 

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When you think about Brazil what comes to your mind? Maybe, it is native Indians in the Amazon and the millions of acres of plush rain forest? Maybe, it is the heart wrenching poverty of it’s cities? Maybe, its soccer!  Maybe, it would be the pristine coastline and the beautiful beaches!

These and many others may be what you would think of, but a gripping materialism in many of the major cities would most likely not be one of them. When I talk to many people about my experiences in Brazil, I often have to remind them that although it is a poor country in many respects, it also has all the modern conveniences we do. Now, they may be fewer and harder to get, but they are definitely there.

For instance, Sao Paolo is the 3rd largest city in the world with a population of 20,000,000 people and is placed as the 19th richest city in the world. This may be surprising to some, especially those who have ministered in this city and have also seen the devastating poverty coupled with this wealth. Half the city would be classified as poor (10,000,000)! 

In the last two posts, I have been trying bring awareness to ways in which we here in the US can pray for the urban gauchos of Porto Alegre, Brazil. So far, we have prayed for two specific strongholds (False Religion and Pride) to be broken through the power of prayer. Another stronghold that grips the city of Porto Alegre is materialism. I urge you to watch this video and pray on behalf of this city and Team Gaucho  laboring amongst those enslaved by money!


The Gaucho’s of the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil have a rich heritage of herding cattle across the stunning southern Brazilian contryside. They were known to be strong and individualistic. The modern urban gauchos of Porto Alegre are extremely proud of thier gaucho cultural heritage. However, their pride builds a wall against outside attempts of the gospel entering into their culture.

Coming from a small town in West Virginia, this is very familiar to me. The gospel can be seen as something outside of the culture and foreign. People from these small country areas or as in the case of the urban gauchos of Porto Alegre fear the gospel will change thier culture. However, the gospel was not meant to change their culture, but to redeem those in the gaucho culture from their sins, which are ultimately leading them to their own destruction. Please join me in watching the following video and praying for Team Gaucho and Porto Alegre. Please pray that the stronghold of pride will be broken in the lives of those who would rather take pride in their culture, than to boast in the cross!

If you were to visit one of South America’s most prosperous cities, Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande de Sol, Brasil, you would be suprised at what you would find. You wouldn’t expect to see thousands of animal sacrifices on the streets every day and street workers trained specifically on how to deal with these “sacred” acts. The secularization would be familar to the modern american, but not the panorama of shops dedicated to peddling voodo like witchcraft. It is indeed a city of deep darkness! Proverbs 4:19 says, “The way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know over what they stumble.” Despite the lostness of this city, there is a team of IMB missionaries faithfully working in this city to shine the light of Christ. Team Gaucho has dedicated the month September as the month of prayer for the urban gaucho’s of Porto Alegre. 

You might think that this so far removed from you that you can’t really make a difference, but on the authority of the word of Christ, I will assure you can! I want to challenge you that if you read this post to watch this video and pause to pray on behalf of Porto Alegre and Team Gaucho. The following also is a word about the IMB’s 2008 Focus Region, which is South America.

“Many of us think South America has been reached with the Gospel. But this continent holds some of the remotest, darkest places on earth, with no way for the light of the Gospel to penetrate. And many who do hear are shrouded by animism, superstition and spiritual blindness that negates the Gospel’s witness. This unthinkable tragedy exists as near to us as a three-hour plane flight!

The unreached of South America are desperate for our fervent prayers, generous hearts and going feet to unlock their spiritual prisons. Are you willing to take God’s message to them? To pray away the barriers? To generously support fellow Southern Baptists investing their lives there?

Go to to find out how you can make a difference in South America. Find country and people group information, volunteer and personnel requests, prayer requests, products, photos, video and more!”